Active Low Oxygen Display Cases

‘Anoxia’ means ‘lack of oxygen’. Works of art are usually stored and displayed in air, which includes 21% oxygen. Exposure to oxygen leads to deterioration of most materials through two processes: oxidation and hydrolysis. Light exposure and the presence of moisture play an important role in any degradation: display in gallery lighting and normal air eventually leads to deterioration of each component of the artwork.

Effects & Advantages of Anoxic prevention

  • Protection against aerobic microbial and anaerobic bacterial growth;
  • Prevention of humidity damage
  • Optimal flexibility; 
  • Minimal operating cost
  • Controll system can handle 100+ connected spaces/rooms independently;
  • Central control unit can manage rooms with different climatic conditions;
  • System can be used simultaneously for treatment, conservation and fire prevention purposes;
  • Maintenance friendly;
  • Easy operations: fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

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Some of our applications

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Anoxia show cases

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Fire prevention

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