Anoxia Systems

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Anoxia / Controlled Atmosphere

b-Cat is world-leader in the manufacturing of Controlled Atmosphere system, the full range needed for the application we have in house, design, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance.

With the Controlled Atmosphere (CA) system for anoxic preservation, the individual chambers or spaces connected to the system can have their own micro climate in terms of oxygen, humidity and temperature levels. The CA system can control and regulate each connected space simultaneously, creating the ideal conditions for every precious piece of art or valuable artifact in your collection.

The following components are required for the CA system:

  • Anoxic Preservation generator ;
  • Control system;
  • PC & Software package;
  • Temperature control & sensors;
  • Humidifier.

This CA system provides a total and cost-effective solution to prevent deterioration of organic objects by protecting them from the effects of humidity changes, biological attacks such as insects, as well as from thermal and photo chemically induced oxidation.

Since reliability and accuracy are values b-Cat Insect Treatment wishes to uphold, the best components available are used to fabricate and install the anoxic preservation system. Each product is assembled and completed in our factory, ensuring personal quality standards and sustainability.

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