Treatment of insect

A 100% eco-friendly and harmless solution, which doesn’t alter the objects and doesn’t leave any residues.

Insect pest control is something that all conservators have to deal with on a daily basis. Organic materials like clothing, books, and structural timbers are most at risk of pest infestations and therefore special care should be taken when these items are stored.

The Controlled Atmosphere treatment rooms are ideal for disinfection of your artifacts and precious objects during e.g. quarantine periods. Depending on the type of product and damage, any kind of treatment method is possible.

Unique about the b-Cat CA system is the possibility to create an inert atmosphere. Apart from vermin, artifacts and art are often highly susceptible to aerobic microbial and anaerobic bacterial growth. By treating artifacts in a controlled atmosphere, biological damage can be drastically reduced and other items in your collection won’t be infected.

b-Cat Insect Treatment has an broad network, which can supply any materials and services needed for our ZerOx® treatment. From gas-tight cells and controlled atmosphere equipment, to vacuum packaging, anything is possible.

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Treatment of insect

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