Anoxia Treatment chambers

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Desinfection & Conservation

Anoxic disinfestation is being widely used by museums as a safe and poison free method to control insect pests with a 100% mortality. Anoxic disinfestation presents no risks for the works as its an inert treatment system and has no resistsance from the insects.

The Controlled Atmosphere (CA) treatment chamber(s) are ideal for disinfection of your artifacts and precious objects during e.g. quarantine periods. Depending on the type of product and damage, any kind of treatment method is possible.

Unique about the Anoxia CA system is the possibility to create an inert atmosphere. Apart from vermin, artifacts and art are often highly susceptible to aerobic microbial and anaerobic bacterial growth. By treating artifacts in a controlled atmosphere, biological damage can be drastically reduced and other items in your collection won’t be infected.

the b-Cat equipment is turnkey installed and designed for continuous and systematic treatment of documents and other archival objects. The equipment has been designed to deal with books, documents and works of art. This system allows the parameters of the atmosphere inside the chamber to be set and controlled, providing an appropriate, low oxygen content atmosphere for disinfestations purposes. Intuitive, automated operating and control mechanisms.

  • Chemical-free: Anoxia treatment is a safe and non-toxic alternative to chemical pest control methods.
  • Effective: Anoxia treatment kill all stages of pests, from eggs to adult insects.
  • Environmentally friendly: Anoxia treatment does not produce any toxic by-products, making it a more sustainable solution for pest control.
  • Versatile: Anoxia treatment can be used on a large variety of goods.

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