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Anoxic disinfestation is being more and more widely used by museums as a safe and poison free method to control insect pests. Anoxic disinfestation presents no risks for the works of art as long as climatic parameters are kept constant during treatment.

b-Cat is a European company specializing in anoxia systems for the disinfestation of cultural items, in Archives, Libraries, Depots and Museums. A wide range of effective tools for pest control have been developed by us.

Our service is all-embracing comprising space suitability issues, specific infrastructures, equipment, logistics and technical support, depending on the nature, dimension and specifics of each project.

By the control of oxygen, temperature and humidity, the anoxic preservation (or Controlled Atmosphere (CA)) system protects your artifacts against insect infestations, humidity and other biological damage.


Cultural Heritage anoxic preservation sollution.

Treatment of insect

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Anoxia show cases

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Fire prevention

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Controlled Atmosphere technology is also used in other areas such as insect treatment, fire prevention and simulated high altitude training. If you are interested in other b-Cat activities, please visit our universal website


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