CC-NL Amersfoort

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The best available technology

In the summer of 2021, the Netherlands Rijksmuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the Open Air Museum and Paleis Het Loo museum jointly opened the Netherlands Collection Center (CC NL) in Amersfoort. Such intensive cooperation is unique in the world. This building is no less than 31,500 m2 in size and ensures optimal management and preservation of these four national collections. It is the place for research, the exchange of expertise and the loan of top works. With the CC NL, the four institutions are taking heritage management to a higher level in all areas.

b-Cat has built in de collection center different chambers for the desinfestation and maintaining the collection consisting out of:


Anoxia chamber2 pieces for extreem low Oxygen treatments
Freezing1 freezing chamber up till -33°C (CO2 cooling)
Cold store1 cold store for safe storage (CO2 cooling)
Embrassol1 Embrassol room with perfect air ventilation

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