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NMM Soesterberg

in 2009 we have started a pliot ptoject with the Militair museum for the new depot. We build a large depot chamber box-in-box to be able to see if the storage could be realized on a natural way without any climate control technology added.

The large room was only controll by the aim of an Anoxia generator to lower the oxygen as a fire-prevenion agent. All worked out well and in 2015 the constructions started for a complete turnover of the depot area.


Anoxia chamber2 pieces for extreem low Oxygen treatments
Cooling room1 cold store avarage storing @ 10°C
Depot1 large depot divided in 2 sections controlled
for fire prevention by the aim of reduced oxygen.
Anoxia generator2 pieces type 60I low pressure
Controller1 single controller for all connected rooms

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