Heritage Factory Brugge

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Depot Stad Brugge

The Heritage Factory is the beating heart in the field of collection management and heritage work in the region. A beacon with a learning network that shares information and expertise with heritage partners from Bruges and Ostend.

The Heritage Factory: 7,355 m2 of depot and facility spaces.

6 air-conditioned depot areas for Musea Brugge, a total of 2,796 m2
2 depot areas for Raakvlak (1 of which is air-conditioned), a total of 1,005 m2
11 facility rooms, including offices and meeting rooms, a photo studio, washing area for shards, educational rooms, scenography storage, cold room, anoxia room and quarantine room.
Costume workshop with sewing workshop, rental department and stock space


Anoxia chamber1 piece for extreem low Oxygen treatments
Anoxia system1 pieces type 40I, low pressure system
ControlCentralized b-Cat PC control system


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