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Anoxic room in Ename Vlaanderen, Belgium

For the Provincial Haeritage Center of Vlaanderen we installed in 2015 an Anoxia chamber.

The depot is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for registration, packaging, cleaning, disinfection, conservation and storage of objects and archives.

It will protect all of the heritage of the collection againts insects and other harmful influences. 

The room is specifically meant for the treatment of wooden furniture and textiles. Woodworm and moths die after a three week treatment period. The nitrogen that is used in the room is nuetral, so it won’t harm the heritage. It is also possible to alter the humidity and temperature of the room, to prevent  shrinkage or expansion. 

Within the limited space available we have constructed the Anoxia chamber with a door as large as possible to have an easy entree to the chamber for loading and unloading with the objects.

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